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Acting the Part: The Key to Achieving Your Goals

Recently, after one of my keynotes, a woman approached me and said, “This process might work for you, but you don’t know my story.” If you can relate to the way this woman felt or you have set a goal before and not achieved it and have decided that goal setting doesn’t work for you,…

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Getting Back Up: Living Like an Olympian

There were a lot of great moments during the 2014 Olympics with some incredible stories of unbelievable courage and determination from athletes who fought with every breath they had to achieve their personal best and do their country proud. During the women’s gold medal hockey game, Canada was down 2-0 when my wife, Tonya left…

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Synchronicity: Miraculous little encounters or luck?

Most people have experienced synchronicity; you think of someone you knew as a child only to have them send you a Facebook connection a day later or meet them at an event the following week. These miraculous little encounters give us a glimpse of something much bigger than ourselves. If you are receptive, the frequency…

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Making a list and checking it twice…

I first learned about dream sheets at a public seminar when I was a young adult and started writing them back then. But the truth is, my first dream sheets were the notes I wrote to Santa as a little boy. I have very fond memories of the Sears Holiday Wish Book;

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Eddie in the News

  The Truth About Employee Engagement, ProfitGuide, Deborah Aarts, February 21, 2014   Excerpt from the November 2013 issue of Acheson Business Association Newsletter  – Nov 2013   The Daily Herald Tribune, Focused on Excellence – October 27, 2013 The key to succeeding in the business world is as simple as focusing your attention on the outcome, said Eddie…

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Attracting What You Want in Your Life

You can have more of what you desire and less of what you do not. You are likely already doing what you need to do to achieve the desired result, but you may be doing it the wrong way. We bring people, situations, opportunities and challenges into our lives by focusing our attention on them.…

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