Making a list and checking it twice.

I often tell people who attend my presentations that I first started creating a dream-sheet when I was a young adult after hearing about it at a public seminar. However, as I think back, my first dream-sheets were the notes I wrote to Santa as a little boy. When I was young, one of the highlights of the fall season was when Sears would deliver the “Holiday Wish Book.” I would look through every page as if it had magical powers that could bring me anything my heart desired. The process was easy; I would circle my favorite items and rate them from one to ten. My parents would then take the list and put it in the form of a letter to Santa. Magically on Christmas morning, to my delight. Some of the items I wished for would appear. As a child, I spent so much time looking through the “Wish Book” that the pages would fray and fall out. When I think back, I realized that I focused my attention on items in the book that were important to me. Why is it as we become adults we stop wishing for things?
It doesn’t have to change!

The same logic that we used as children will still work for us as adults. I still spend lots of my time dreaming about the future but now it is more of a directive thinking process. You see the brain has a function called Reticular Activating System (RAS). This is the ability of your brain to sort through information and bring to the forefront items that help you achieve more of what you desire. When you write out your goals and focus your attention on the outcome you want, the RAS function of the brain points to data that will help you move toward achieving your goals.
So how do you make it work?

It is very simple! Make a list and check it twice, (well maybe more than twice). Take the time to write a list with all of the things you would like to see change over the next year. Include such elements as your relationships, health, career, social, travel and so on. If you are a technology user, then add it to your smartphone and sometime through the day read through the list. What you are doing is putting the magic of RAS to work for you. Your brain will focus more on the thoughts that will move you toward your goals. Think of it as a filter that will sort through all of the noise around you and deliver a clear message of what you need to hear to achieve your goals.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season…

I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year.

Happy Holidays and Live your dreams Eddie


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