I have, in the past always struggled with my weight. At my heaviest, I was 225 lbs on a 5’9” frame, and I felt terrible (that is me on the far left). I wanted to be healthier and to feel better, and so I decided to “bring about what I thought about” and set a goal of 180 lbs.

The three steps I followed to make the change (I did it! That is also me on the far right) are the same three steps I talk about in my book. Anytime I want to make a change in my life; I follow these steps. In 2017 you can achieve anything you set out to do. The one thing I have discovered is, “the past does not equal the future”…. You can decide today to make a change in any area of your life (AND THIS TIME MAKE IT STICK).

If you set a New Year’s Resolution, and you want it to stick Or if you didn’t, but there is something in your life you want to change, continue reading.

When I set out to start my company back in 2005, the challenge was daunting. Suddenly I didn’t have the comfort of a regular paycheck. I was unsure of the future and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. After a conversation with a client of mine, I started to do some research on setting goals that stick. The research lead to writing a book and the rest as they say, “is history.” As complicated as people try and make goal setting it is very easy. I have personally used the following three steps to lose the weight, improve my relationships and build a successful business. My goal this year is to help more people achieve their goals. When you follow these simple steps you will find it much easier to achieve more of what you desire, “and less of what you do not desire.” Have a wonderful 2017 and all the best in success, health, and happiness.

Step 1 – Create the desire

You create desire by setting the goal in your mind. How you word your goal has a significant impact on your chance of success. The key is to identify your goal and write it in the present tense. For example, “I am enjoying the healthy weight of 180 lbs.”.

Why is the wording important? The mind will move toward and create habits for what it believes it already has. You are already experiencing this in areas of your life where you have success. If your career is going well, you say to yourself and people around you that you enjoy your job and things are great at work!

On the flip side if you word your goal as such, “I want to lose 20 lbs.” your mind views this as a sacrifice and the focus is on the lack of the achievement of the goal. Attention is being focused on the lack of success and you are much more likely to revert back to old habits.

These are examples to help you write and obtain results for your desired goals for 2015.

First, listen to your emotions. Your emotions tell you a story. When you feel fear, anxiety or stress in a certain area of you life, ask yourself, “ What am I thinking about that is causing this emotion”. Normally your desire is the opposite of what is causing the stress. For example, if you feel stress when you think about your weight or health it is telling you that you want lose weight and/or be healthier. If you are feeling stress about your bills, it is telling you that you would like to have more abundance. Your negative emotions are important because they help guide you toward the things you really want.

Second, write your desires down in the present tense. I personally write them on a dream sheet, which is simply a list of all of the things I desire to happen in the future. This should include, family, health, social, finance, career and spirituality.

Step 2 – Belief in yourself and that you can achieve your goals

Your past does not equal the future. Where we are today is a combination of our thoughts and actions from the past. Change the thoughts and actions today, and your future will change with them.

You have all the skills you need to achieve your desired goal. You have already demonstrated this in many other areas of your life. You have also shown how flawless the process works even in the areas that you failed to achieve your desired results. If you tried to lose weight in the past and you said things like:

“It is hard for me to lose weight.”
“I gain weight easily.”
“I need to lose 20 lbs.”
I bet you found it hard to lose weight, easy to gain it back and you still “needed” to lose 20 pounds. See! It works flawlessly. You received exactly what you asked for!
The key is to believe what you ask for is the first step and believe it as though you already have it.

There have been many studies on the importance of belief when it comes to achieving goals. This research has been conducted on everyone from Olympic athletes to corporate executives and without a doubt believing they could realize their targets is a consistent characteristic of almost every successful person. In fact, in all of my travels, I have never met anyone who made it to the top by complaining and focusing on losing. Sure, sometimes you will get something by complaining, but long lasting happiness and success come from focusing on your desire and believing you can achieve it.

Step 3 – Become receptive

Live like you have already achieved your goals. I believe this is where most people come up short on achieving their goals. If you fail to do this one step you are almost guaranteed not to achieve your goals. You must become the person you would be if you already had what you desired, so what you desire will come into your life.

For example, imagine you have already achieved the goal. Following the weight loss example, how would you live differently as a healthier and lighter person? If you start to live like the healthier and lighter person, you will bring about the change you need to achieve your goal.

This was the key to my weight loss. I sat down one day and asked myself, “Eddie, if you weighed 180 lbs. what would you be doing different than you are doing today? What would you eat and drink? How would you carry yourself? How active would you be?”

I answered the questions and started to do things differently and the weight started to fall off.

  • I ate like I was 180 lbs.
  • I walked daily
  • I purchased new clothes
  • I started to make different decisions
  • I became more confident

    Before I knew it, I was 180 lbs. Now each time I start to put a few pounds back on (like this Christmas) I go back to my list, and I bring myself back to the desired weight.

    In summary,

  • Pick the weight you want to be (not the amount of weight you want to lose)
  • Believe you can do it (your past does not equal your future)
  • Be receptive (live like you are already at the weight you desire)
  • Live 2017 in an attitude of gratitude and apply this strategy to any changes you want to make in life and you will quickly “bring about what you think about”!