You can have more of what you desire and less of what you do not. You are likely already doing what you need to do to achieve the desired result, but you may be doing it the wrong way.

We bring people, situations, opportunities and challenges into our lives by focusing our attention on them. Unfortunately, most people focus their attention on what they don’t want and then they get it.

I have met with thousands of people; some are incredibly successful and some struggle every day. What makes one person successful and the other not? Is it education, health, looks, geography or luck? Though these may play a small role, they are not what you need to have more of what you want.

The key is “FOCUS” – consider the magnifying glass. Move it around a piece of paper under direct sunlight and nothing will happen. Stop the movement and focus the beam of light on one spot and you will create fire. Focused energy creates powerful results.

To achieve more of what you want, stay focused on your desire even if you feel pulled in the direction of worrying about what you don’t want.

Here are some examples to illustrate the point:

If you struggle with relationships, focus your attention on what a great relationship would be like. How would you feel? What would you be doing? How would you act in that relationship? What type of a person would you be if you where in that relationship? Start to act that way today. Do not focus your attention on the last three bad relationships you came through. This is where many go wrong and then find themselves in another bad relationship very similar to the one they were in before.

If you struggle with your weight, focus your attention on your ideal weight and image. Think of what it would feel like if you were already that weight. How would you act differently? What would people say to you? Many people focus their attention on the weight they need to lose and the process becomes about sacrifice. If you focus on “need to lose” you will create more “need to lose.” Focus on the desired outcome and the mind will help you create constructive habits to help you achieve you desired results.

The key to a successful outcome is first creating the razor shape focus on your desired results. To do so, you need to do the following:

  1. Imagine the outcome in the present tense. Example, “I love how I feel in this new relationship” or “I feel great at 128”
  2. Consider how you would feel if you had it today
  3. Start acting as if you had the desired results today
  4. When images of the lack of the desired outcome enter into your thoughts, quickly change your thoughts to your desired result

When you think about the areas of your life where you are getting amazing results it is because you know what you want, you believe you can have it and you live in such a way that allows it to come to you.

Alternatively, in the areas of your life where you struggle, you may know what you want, but have been focusing on not having it. You don’t believe it will happen. Is this familiar? “I have tried to loose weight many times and I can’t keep it off” or “All of the good people are already in relationships.” Additionally, you are probably not living as if you already had your desired outcome. Are you living the lifestyle required to be at the weight you desire? Are you acting in the loving way you would need to while in a perfect relationship? You really do “Bring About What You Think About.”

Where are you focusing your magnifying glass?

Live your dreams.


Eddie LeMoine
International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert
Implement Change in Your Work and Personal Life