City of / Ville de Bathurst Employee Engagement Information Page

Eddie LeMoine Award Winning Speaker/Author and Employee Engagement Expert

Welcome to The City of / Ville de Bathurst Employee Engagement Information Page.

During the coming weeks, we will be conducting an organization-wide employee survey. We are doing this survey to get a better understanding of employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement at City of / Ville de Bathurst. Your opinions are important to us, and this survey is your chance to express those opinions. 

We will use the survey results for three purposes: 

  1. to recognize the areas we are doing it right, and engagement is high
  2. to have a better understanding of the areas where engagement is low and develope ways to improve it. 
  3. to develop customized training to help improve employee engagement.

An independent survey company is managing the survey. This outside company will host the survey on the Internet and collect your responses online. All responses will remain strictly anonymous. We will not be able to trace individual responses back to you. Management will only see combined data for groups. Please be thoughtful, honest, and candid when you complete the survey. 

Once the data are in (Feb 21, 2020), we will review the results with the entire organization so you can see for yourself how you are doing. In the months that follow the survey, HR and management will meet with groups to discuss plans to improve the culture and performance and address any problem areas. 

We would like to get 100% participation to ensure that every employee's voice is heard. When you receive the survey request (LATER THIS WEEK), please give it your prompt attention. 

Thank you for devoting your time and providing candid input.