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Great chamber speaker Eddie LeMoine from Eddie LeMoine on Vimeo.

Call me at 866 407 7325

We can help you with your pre-event marketing material.

We know it can be a challenge getting your people out to a meeting or conference, so we have developed a marketing plan to assist you. If you hire Eddie as your next speaker, you will have the option of a professionally produced branded video commercial you can place on your website at no charge to you. Studies show videos are the most effective method of getting people to take notice on your event page. These short videos have had a positive impact on attracting participates in past event.

Here are a few examples of customer videos.

Post follow-up and supporting material.

We know the impact a comprehensive presentation can have on your participants but what if there was a way to reinforce what they discovered at the meeting. Studies show reviewing material after an event can increase the retention and the rate of implementation by multiple times. We will provide each participant at the event with follow-up online material and videos to help reinforce the message I deliver at your event.

In essence, we have your back at your next meeting. We would love to chat with you about your fall small business activities. Obviously, the week has limited spots available so timing is a bit of the essence. If this is of interest to you, I would be delighted to chat.