My Name is Eddie LeMoine, and I deliver between seventy-five to one-hundred keynotes per year. The audience I speak to represent almost every industry you can imagine and range from the front-line worker to the C-suite. I always find it interesting how the trends and topics change from year to year. If you are a regular conference-goer, you will remember hearing the word “paradigm-shift 15 years ago”, then evolving to everyone wanting to hear about “accountability” and last year, I don’t think you could attend a conference and not hear the word “disruptor”.

So what are going to be the hot topics for 2020?

There usually are two types of speeches people look for at a conference. One is the content of relevant concerns people in the audience have, and the second is a motivational or inspirational message.

The big topic for 2020 will be anything to do with talent management. Our research shows the most significant concern facing leaders today will be recruiting, keeping and engaging their workforce. With the US jobless rate at under 3% and the Canadian jobless rate approaching 5%, finding and keeping staff will be the big challenge.

Feel free to read my blog in the Combating the War for Talent to give you some insight into the challenges we will face in the coming years.

What is the hot topic for inspiration this year?

You can’t go wrong with an inspirational message at a conference. Audiences always want great content, but the speeches people remember are the ones that touch their hearts and move them to make a change in their life. I have been delivering both content-rich speeches and inspirational speeches for the past 15 years, and I have to say I get more emails on how the inspirational message changed their lives than any other response. So when planning your agenda, it’s great to start or finish your conference on an inspirational note. This approach will put your audience in the right mood to begin the meeting or leave them on a high note.

If you are planning a conference in 2020, I would be delighted to chat with you about customizing a presentation that would be perfect for your group. Please feel free to contact me at any time.