Connecting the dots Eddie LeMoineEach of us has an internal guidance system that helps us make choices that align our desires with purpose. Our guidance system is made up of our emotions. Our emotions were designed to tell us something. The better we understand our emotions, the better we can identify the right things to ask for that will truly give us happiness and fulfillment.

In some cases you feel anxiety and stress when you think about something – this is a sign that you desire something. What you desire is the opposite of the thought you are having that generates the emotion. If you ignore the signs, you will continue to allow yourself to feel the same negative emotions and you will continue to attract the opposite thing to your desire. Emotions help guide us through dangers and we have to pay attention to them.

For the balance of this month, start to monitor your emotions. When you feel something, stop and ask yourself what you are thinking about. Identify the thought that is creating the emotion. In the case of negative emotions, the opposite thought becomes your desire. If your emotions are positive, your thoughts are in line with your desires and also in line with finding your purpose. Those who are on purpose spend the majority of their time feeling happy, passionate and excited.

To create long-lasting change in your life you must first have a clear understanding of your desire or goals. While monitoring your emotions, allow yourself to feel the emotions as if you have already achieved your desire, be it weight, relationships or work related. And most importantly ask yourself what you can do in this moment to move you closer to your desire. Understanding your purpose will direct you to desired outcomes that help make your life more fulfilling.

In the next issue of Inspire we will continue on the next step of this journey.

From the Jan 2013 issue of “Inspire”

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