Eddie LeMoine Consulting Inc.As I travel the country, I am often asked “Why is the way we have always done things not working anymore?” The simple answer is because everything we know in the workplace is changing; aging demographics, five generations in the work place, a multicultural environment, a true global market and the list goes on.

Studies tell us that for companies to stay ahead of the curve they have to be continually reinventing themselves. What do you think is the biggest obstacle? You guessed it… opposition to change.

Companies that thrive in today’s marketplace are the ones who create an environment that encourages and embraces change. We could spend a whole day just talking about ways of creating a culture that embraces change so instead, here is a list of items to think about and apply within your organization.

  • Allow people to take risks; go a step further and encourage it!
  • Align each individuals strengths with the goals of your organization
  • Take stock of habits – both the organization’s and the people who work with you – that may be resisting change
  • Encourage new projects
  • Research what the trend setters in your industry are doing
  • Give constant feedback
  • Communicate any changes that are happening in your organization
  • Build a communication strategy that will work across generations and cultures

Creating a culture to embrace change when focused on growing and building success is a lot easier and more rewarding than trying to do it when things are staring to unravel.

From the Mar 2013 issue of “Inspire”

Eddie LeMoine
International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert
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