When I wrote the book, Bring About What You Think About, it was really for my own purposes. It was a reminder to me to follow the principles and guidelines. When I began to share the book and eventually published it, I was so surprised by the feedback. On the surface, people said they read the book to help them earn more money or to lose weight or to learn more about themselves and their true passion in life. Dig a little deeper and you find that all of those things lead back to just one thing – relationships. Everything that people wanted to gain from the book (and from life!) was to help them enhance their relationships. Earning money meant an enhanced relationship with their family, losing weight meant an enhanced relationship with their spouse and family, learning more about themselves allowed them to enhance their relationships at work.

In all my years of working with people and studying those who are the most successful in love and in life, I have learned that when it comes to relationships, the most important thing you can do to is give. Giving must be done in a genuine way with no expectation of return; no strings attached. People who give unconditionally, get a lot back in return and not necessarily from those on the receiving end. In a work setting I know that the most successful sales reps are the ones who give the most.

Whenever you enter into a relationship, no matter what kind, you will be much more successful if you enter it with a spirit of giving. You will be amazed what you get back.

Eddie LeMoine
International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert
Implement Change in Your Work and Personal Life