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"A Journey to Engagement "

Leading in today's challenging times!

Learn from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

  • Lessons delivered directly to you
  • Combinations of videos and webinars
  • Supporting documentation to accompany each exercise
  • After course completion, you will have six months access to the material
  • Certificate will be sent to you upon completion

Who should attend a leadership course?

Managers and supervisors who want to influence change and increase employee engagement.


Module one

Building an Engaged Team

  • About the numbers
  • Steps to Creating an Engaged Team (Moving to a New Model)
  • Why the old methods of leadership do not work in today's work environment.

Module TwoLeaving

How to Close the Engagement Gap

  • Reason why people, Join, Stay and Leave their jobs
  • The eight key concepts to engaging your team
  • Why this is the best time to be a leader in the last one hundred years.

Eddie LeMoine meeting friends

Module Three

Know Them (Organizational Leadership)

  • Understanding your team based on, Gender, Culture, and Generation.
  • Communicate ideas clearly, powerfully, and intentionally to motivate and lead your team to achieve organizational goals.
  • Develop strong communication skills to strengthen relationships across teams and departments.

3D Man Placing Grow Cubes

Module Four

Grow Them (Vision and Direction)

  • Aligning personal goals with organizational objectives
  • Selecting your Goals
  • Building On Your Strengths
  • Diminishing Your Weaknesses


Module Five

Inspire Them (Motivational Leadership)

Benefits Section

  • Putting it all together
  • Positioning your team
  • Recruit from your engaged group
  • Prepare the group for your message
  • Let members know how they contribute
  • Communicate – communicate – communicate
  • Leveraging strengths


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As promised at my recent presentation we are delighted to offer you free access to our leadership training.

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