On average, 27% of people love their jobs and they are responsible for 60% of the productivity. Obviously the odds show that if you are reading this article you are more likely to be in a job you don’t love. Why? There is a direct correlation between your individual purpose and the purpose of the organization for which you work. In other words, if you understand the role you play in an organization and how that has an impact, you are more likely to love it and therefore, be engaged.

Alternatively, if you go to work every day and fail to see how what you are doing impacts the organization and/or your own personal goals, you are not in love with your work and therefore, not engaged. You may be in the wrong job or in the wrong company.

In “Good to Great”, Jim Collins writes that business success is more than having the right people on the bus; it is having the right people sitting in the right seats on the bus. Are you in the right seat? Are you on the right bus? It is in everyone’s best interest when you and your employer are aligned to the company goals.

If you are one of the unhappy and therefore, unengaged people, do not worry! You can change this in two simple steps.

First, understand your strengths. If you aren’t sure what your strengths are, reflect on the past two weeks and identify things that made you feel empowered and happy. These are your strengths. Many often confuse what they do well with their strengths. This is simply not true. In my previous career I was really good at doing things I didn’t love to do. As soon as I achieved the maximum level of success, I moved on to the next company and did the same thing. I did this over and over again; I recreated a level of unhappiness in every organization I worked. Finally, I took stock of what empowered me. And when I started leveraging my strengths my work became productive, profitable and fulfilling

Second, empower yourself at work. Identify things you can do at work that will strengthen you. Have you concluded you are in the wrong job? Does that job exist at your company? If not, unfortunately, you will probably never get engaged. And likely it is time for you to make some decisions.

Though your level of engagement is the responsibility of both you and your employer, the onus is on you to make sure you know your strengths. You need to understand what will engage you so that you can find happiness and that sense of passion at work.

Live your dreams!

Eddie LeMoine
International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert
Implement Change in Your Work and Personal Life