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..the extended lockdown are undoubtedly taking a toll on people's emotional being, mindset, and even energy. We are all adjusting in different ways - some better than others - so how can we make the best of this situation? Let's make 2022 a year to remember for all of the right reasons; let's use this moment to set some goals that will change the direction of our life, let's set some goals that stick this year.

Time:   2:00 PM Atlantic Time
     Date:  Wednesday, Jan 19th, 2022
             Length:   One hour followed by Q&A
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About The Webinar

Each year in January, Eddie LeMoine does a complimentary presentation in his hometown with highlights from his book'"Bring About What You Think About." Last year we moved this event to a virtual offering, and given the current pandemic, we will be doing the same this year.

This webinar is an opportunity for you to look at your goals for 2022 and ways you can guarantee a better outcome. Eddie has delivered speeches on this topic to audiences worldwide. For many participants, it has changed their lives. If you are a manager, it is a great webinar to offer your team as a "pick-me-up session" (it is something we could all use this year. If you are an entrepreneur, it might be just what you need to keep going. Or maybe you have some personal goals you would like to work on; whatever your dreams, this is a session you will want to attend.

This webinar will be approximately one hour, and Eddie will stay on after the session to answer any questions you may have. Even though the session is free, there is a limit to what our zoom licence will enable us to have registered, so please sign-up early.

Lesson #1

Discover the one statement successful people live their life by. 

There is one statement that successful people have in common. They often don't even realize they live their lives that way; you will discover how to do that on purpose.

Lesson #2

The role your emotions play on your future outcomes.

You may not realize it, but your emotions are shaping your future. That's right; every thought you have, you link it to a feeling, and those feeling help guide you to your future self. Given the events of this year, your emotions can be undermining your success. You will discover how to identify the feelings holding you back and create new feelings that will guide you to the future you desire.

Lesson #3

Three easy steps to setting goals that "make them happen."

That right, there are three easy steps to setting goals that move you toward success. The third step is the one most people forget to apply, and that is why people struggle to hit the mark. 

Lesson #4

How to accelerate your success

Do you ever wonder why some people achieve success faster than others? Discover the two ways you can accelerate your success. They are easy to apply in any situation. 

What people have to say about Eddie's presentations


I have had the pleasure of working with many, many speakers over the years. Few have the personality and captivating style of Eddie LeMoine. Our Chamber members were engaged with his stories and information; they felt connected to Eddie himself….even though it was a virtual webinar. I can only imagine how powerful it would be in person!
I look forward to working with Eddie again.

Scott McCammon, CCE, ACE President & CEO


"Eddie is more than a highly-skilled, accomplished speaker and bestselling author... He is also a humble, motivating, inspiring and a breath of fresh air! Eddie frequently delivers workshops for us at TEC Canada, but I recently got to sit in on his workshop. WOW! To say I was blown away is an understatement. Eddie has inspired me to have a more positive outlook on my life, which will allow me to become the best version of myself. Takeaways from his workshop are too many to count, but all of them are easily implementable in your life right away! Thank you, Eddie, for sharing your wisdom with us all!"

Martina Sarro Business Development Specialist


“Eddie’s captivating one-hour keynote presentation on, “Bring About What You Think About,” was filled with incredible innovation, and inspiration! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off our CHIMA Conference: Aspire and Lead. Eddie is a prime example of true talent, and the knowledge he shared with our 200 Health Information Management conference delegates left them feeling motivated and enthused."

Tasha Clipperton, B.COMM, CAE

 Coordinator Member Services

Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA)

About Your Presenter

Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker

Eddie LeMoine is a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer. He specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. Eddie easily connects with—and motivates—audiences worldwide through inspiring stories, a great sense of humour, and genuine care for people. His unprecedented success is due to his powerful ability to close the gap between business results and personal development. He inspires greatness in corporations by inspiring excellence in individuals. Eddie's real-world experience has helped him evolve into a captivating keynote speaker. 

Eddie has an uncanny ability to read his audience and connect with them, whether they are laughing or crying. He has touched the hearts and minds of people around the globe. His audiences represent 83 countries, and his speeches have been translated into several languages.

With innovation and creativity, Eddie moves people toward brilliance—and the results are immediate. His keynotes and seminars, rich with content, leave audience members energized and with the tools they need to implement change in their work and personal lives.

Time:   2:00 PM Atlantic Time
     Date:  Wednesday, Jan 19th, 2022
             Length:   One hour followed by Q&A
Free Admission

More Highlights From The "Change Your Thinking Change Your Future" Webinar

How your thoughts show in your words. Focussing your attention is the wrong place can lead to the wrong desires! Be careful what you wish for (or say)!
How to attract more of what you desire. Through the powers of ‘focus’ and ‘energy’, we learn how to attract more of what we desire in/out of life.
Focus On The Outcome — Not The Method. When we understand our desires, we must allow them to come to us in any way possible. Learn to listen and not be held back by the limitations of your mind.
Be Open To All Possibilities. To keep the creation train in motion, you must first identify ways that you currently block the flow of your goals and find ways to improve the outcome!
To ‘Bring About What You Think About,’ you’ll need to understand how the conscious mind and the subconscious minds work together. It’s not enough to simply think positively!

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