Leadership Thursdays Video Series

Six Drivers to Employee Engagement

Welcome to the Eddie LeMoine Leadership Thursdays video series. Each week Eddie shares techniques with leaders and front-line employees on ways to become more engaged at work.

The Purpose of The Leadership Thursdays Video Series

Welcome to my Thursday leadership video series. Over the past 13 years, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most influential leaders representing almost about every industry and business sector you can imagine. In this series, I will share with you techniques today's leaders utilize to help build an engaged workforce.

I wanted this to not only be a helpful tool to add to your toolbox but also to help you make a difference. I know implementing new leadership techniques can be a challenge, so I have designed the video's to enable you to share them with your whole team. The purpose is to look to build an engaged team from both the perspective of the Employee and employer.

I hope you find the series beneficial. If you are having specific challenges engaging people, drop me a note, and maybe we can add it to a future video blog. Have a great week and enjoy today's lesson.


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