Leading Five Generations in the Workforce

Are you ready for yet another challenge at work?

Have you noticed the age difference of the people sitting near you at work? Look around at your next meeting and you will see someone close to retirement sitting next to a freshly out-of-school graduate. These circumstances present a unique challenge for today’s leaders: how to motivate and manage an inter-generational work force.

Aging demographics and the shrinking workforce has been a front and centre topic for a number of years. With people living longer, staying in the workforce longer or re-entering the workforce after retirement, we are now experiencing the latest form of diversity in the workplace—five generations! Should leaders be concerned about these shifting generation gaps? Definitely! To achieve maximum productivity and a good work environment, an effective leader is a leader who understands, manages and communicates across all generations.

Today it is commonplace for five generations to be working side by side within an organization. This recent phenomenon is contributing to the newest and probably most significant workplace challenge for today’s leaders. Research shows that bridging the generation gap leads to a more productive and happy work environment. Managing a specific generation (e.g., the Millennials) is no longer enough. It is now critical for a leader to understand, manage and communicate cogently across all generations. Eddie LeMoine has been delivering keynote presentations and training sessions on the inter-generational workplace since 2005 and is considered a foremost authority on this topic. Let him share his insights for leading each generation in your organization.

Eddie LeMoine has made an extensive study of the inter-generational workplace. His observations are enlightening and his presentations are delightfully entertaining and content rich. Thousands of participants have learned from and enjoyed this presentation and it continues to be one of his most popular topics. It is delivered in an engaging, fast-paced and entertaining session filled with stories anecdotes and videos.

Eddie is happy to customize a session specific to your unique requirements based on the inter-generational makeup of your organization. Meet your challenges head on with a session that is always a crowd favourite and often the highlight of an entire conference.

Key topics

  • How the retiring baby-boom cohort will impact workplace
  • How to communicate effectively with all generations
  • What unique characteristics each generation has and how to motivate them
  • How to work effectively with each generation that you are not a part of
  • What the key motivators are for each generation
  • How to relate to clients from all generations

(Video) Eddie's talks about the importance of time for the Baby Boomers.


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”I am not in the habit of writing messages like this.  In fact, I avoid doing testimonials totally.

In the case of Eddie LeMoine, I make the exception.  Eddie’s message is clear, based on real experience, connected, heart-warming and above all, authentic and genuine!  His book “Bring About What You Think About” should be required reading for any leadership group and individual who needs to connect themselves with what matters most.  I was inspired to look at myself differently.  I consider myself a leader who values being curious, loves collaboration and can always learn more. Eddie’s message connected me to all of this.

His keynote address will help any leader gain added focus and discipline.  And above all, they will gain clarity of purpose and  expand their strengths that are perhaps hidden inside, trying to find a way out.  Eddie’s book and his keynote delivered all of this(and more) and will make your team look inside themselves and be better people for their families and better  leaders in whatever field they work in!” - See more at

Lee M. R. Gonsalves Vice President, Human Resources -
Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd.

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