Help Your Team Manage Stress and Burnout

It can be difficult to manage stress. But how can a leader, help the team members manage their stress, curve the risk of burnout and stay engaged.

One thing for sure, work is not going to get any easier, and the rate of change is only going to increase. We live at a time of “always-on,” we are connected to our workplace while at home and connected to our home while are at work. According to a Regus study ” Office life has never been more stressful, with over half of the global workforce (53%) saying they are closer to burning out than they were just five years ago.”

As a corporate trainer, I see first hand the impact of stress on productivity in the workplace. Increased stress not only reduces productivity it robs individuals of the ability to achieve their goals and intern companies meeting their targets.

In today’s video blog, I would like to share a few techniques both I use, and my clients use to manage stress.

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