How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout Online Course

All of us are under stress and pressure of some sort. Stress we see as "productive" is usually very stimulating and perceived as a good thing. However when things are piling up, and there is not enough time to get through everything these same pressures can become "destructive" and start to have a negative impact on our professional and personal life.

Being able to manage pressure and stress favorably can transform your happiness and performance at both work and home.

Every person has Stress - anticipated and unexpected.

Pretty much all of us need some form of stress to keep us motivated: deadlines, enhanced responsibilities, new co-workers, relationships, family. You could say this is "Productive Stress."

Stress that can make us feel overwhelmed and out of control may include: deadlines, enhanced responsibilities, new co-workers, relationships, family. You could say this is "Destructive Stress."

That's the thing about stress - it's different for everyone. What motivates one person could hold back another. Stress has a detrimental effect on our performance; it makes us behave inappropriately. To cope well at work and home, we need the skills to learn how to respond well to these stressful situations.

This stress management program will give you the knowledge to recognize the symptoms and sources of stress, and it will introduce you to different ways to manage stress which will benefit you, your colleagues and your organization.

Learn from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

  • Lessons delivered directly to you
  • Supporting documentation to accompany each exercise
  • After course completion, you will have one year access to the material
  • Easy to follow video lessons
  • Includes Certificate of Completion

What you will learn:

  • Understand stress and recognize the symptoms.
  • Become aware of the impact stress is having on you
  • Have the awareness, knowledge, and tools to deal with stress more effectively.
  • Learn new methods of reducing stress.
  • Identify your personal triggers and your response to them.
  • Learn how to,"BOUNCE" back from stress.
  • Recognise that circumstance, situations and stimulus can have different results for everyone.
  • Look at the impact of stress and how changing the way we perceive stress we can change its impact.
  • Understand how what we eat, and how we relax impacts on levels of stress.
  • Take control of your future.


Course Outline


Video Duration 5 Min

  1. Definition of stress.
  2. Impact of stress.
  3. The outcome of the course.

Lesson One (The Results Are In)

Video Duration 7 Min

  1. Complete a Stress Test.
  2. Walk through the results of your score and what it means.
  3. Understanding the difference between, "Productive Stress and Destructive Stress."
  4. Understanding the impact Stress has on you.

Lesson Two (Identify Your Stressors)

Video Duration  5 Min

  1. Exercise on Stress Management Worksheet.
  2. Identifying your Stressor and Triggers.

Lesson Three (Change What You Think About Stress)

Video Duration  4 Min

  1. The impact stress has on your thoughts.
  2. How stress can rob you of your goals.
  3. Why changing the way you view stress could change its harmful effects.

Lesson Four (Reducing And Coping With Stress )

Video Duration  5 Min

  1. The six tips to "BOUNCE"back from stress.
  2. Identify positive responses to your stressors.

Lesson Five (Changing Your Habits)

Video Duration  8 Min

  1. Seven habits you need to change reduce and manage stress.
  2. Understanding the "Cuddle Hormone."
  3. The importance of keeping a "Stress Log."

Lesson Seven (Conclusion Setting goals for the future)

Video Duration  7 Min

  1. Setting goals for the future.
  2. The importance of silence.
  3. Review and closing comments.

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