bring-about-what-you-think-about-bookMost people have experienced synchronicity; you think of someone you knew as a child only to have them send you a Facebook connection a day later or meet them at an event the following week. These miraculous little encounters give us a glimpse of something much bigger than ourselves. If you are receptive, the frequency and significance of these events will increase. If we listened to these clues we could save ourselves a lot of time and heartache.

Many people attribute their success in life to “good luck” or “being in the right place at the right time.” These people are experiencing synchronicity, but may not be aware of its significance or how they can better use it to their advantage. Once I discovered this in my life, the journey to my goals was much faster and direct and I found I was creating my own good luck.

A relevant example of synchronicity in my life happened recently in a shopping mall in Calgary. My wife, Tonya and I were talking about seeking out a publisher for my book, Bring About What You Think About. I wrote the book a few years ago and published it myself. It has been successful beyond my wildest dreams, but recently I have been thinking about working with a professional publisher who could get the book out to more people.

Tonya and I decided to go to a coffee shop to take a break from shopping. The coffee shop was situated in the back of a bookstore. As we walked through the store I noticed a very friendly lady at a book signing and felt compelled to say hello. It turns out that the friendly lady is Tina O’Connor and she is an Author and President of a Publishing company called “Be That Book”.

A few weeks later we met to discuss the possibility of working together. During the meeting, a lady walked by and noticed my book on the table and asked if she could purchase one as she thought the title was very interesting. Not a bad thing to have happen when you are talking to a publisher about publishing your book!

The coincidences did not end there. Several weeks earlier I was on a plane flying from Halifax to Calgary and sat next to gentlemen on the Toronto connection that was nursing an injured arm from a bike accident. When we were leaving the plane I signed a copy of my book for him and said “maybe our paths will cross again in the future”. There are 3.6 million people in Alberta and several thousand flights a day in Canada and that man was the brother-in-law of my future publisher, Tina.

Once you become receptive, coincidences will start to unfold a path that will allow you to build connections at the exact time you need them and move you toward your goals in a much faster and direct path.

Eddie LeMoine
International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert
Implement Change in Your Work and Personal Life