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The most popular conference topics for 2022

As we recover from the pandemic, here are some popular conference and training topics.


Have you given much thought to your fall conference or training goals? Many employers have changed the way they work, and as we come out of the pandemic, employers and employees will look for a new normal. What will that look like for you? One thing is for sure; it will never go back to the way it was before the pandemic. Employers and employees will need to adapt to the new reality in the job market.  

I have been a professional speaker and corporate trainer for more than a decade, delivering presentations to organizations throughout the country. Like you, I have never experienced anything as we have gone through over the past year. However, our research shows some interesting trends that will undoubtedly impact your organization as we come out of the pandemic. Here are a few that you may want to look at as you plan your fall training and meeting agendas. 

Eddie LeMoine

The drivers that are changing the landscape for both employers and employees. 

Are you ready for the next shortage and price hike? It's not housing or lumber, but in some ways, they are connected. The next shortage will be human capital, which will be widespread and felt by every business sector. Here are some of the drivers for the skills shortage:

Retiring baby-boomers

We knew this would be a problem, but as we were focused on the pandemic, over 8000 baby boomers have been leaving the workforce each week for their well-deserved retirement. As they retire, they leave behind a skill shortage that will be hard to replace in skillset and sheer numbers. 

Virtual competition

Many employers look forward to the time they can look out into their workspace and see employees happily working at their desks, but the reality may be very different. If there is one thing we have learned during the pandemic, we don't always need physically need to go to work to get work done. Employers may want to see their employees return to a physical workplace, but not all employees want to return. Studies have shown that employers who manage workers effectively in a virtual environment received 2.5 more hours per day in work effort than in the office. 

As the competition heats up for human capital, the old ways of attracting employees to join new employers will be virtual perks, benefits and compensation. In addition, many employers will see the globe as their recruitment opportunities; you now will have to compete against your local competition for people and places like New York, The UK, or Brazil.  

The way consumers acquire products and services:

The past year has been a massive experiment in delivering products and services in a completely different way. Whether it is a government providing services to the public, a restaurant using a delivery service for the first time, or online product sales, consumers' buying habits have changed forever. As a result, the skill set employers are looking for in an employee for 2021 is very different than 2019. 


#1 Motivation:

A recent survey of meeting planners, conference coordinators and speakers identified Motivation as the #1 topic audiences will be looking for this conference year. So I guess we could all use a bit of a pick me up as we come out of the past two years of the pandemic.

#4 Virtual leadership

A virtual workspace is here to stay. Like pandores box, it is now open, and we all need to find ways to do some of our work in a virtual space. So even if you can't complete your job virtually, you will still find aspects of your business have moved to a virtual environment. 

#2 Employee Engagement

Employee engagement will be more popular than ever this year. Whether your employees are working virtually and on-site, Employee Engagement will help you increase productivity, retain existing staff and help attract new members to your team. 

#5 Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching has become one of the most popular leadership trends. With five generations working in a multicultural environment become the new norm. A one-size-fits-all approach to leadership will not work, and successful leaders have discovered coaching to be a valuable tool.  

#3 Employee attraction and retention

Companies and industries will need to find ways to attract and retain employees; their very survival will count on it for some sectors. As the workforce continues to shrink and demand for human capital increases, there will be stiff competition for resources.

#6 Managing stress

Most people will tell you this past year has been to most stressful of their life. Therefore, it only stands to reason this will impact your employees' performance both at work and home. Learning to manage stress will increase productivity, home/work balance and employee satisfaction. 

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