Why Sponsor Eddie as a Speaker

Eddie has worked with hundreds of meeting planners in his speaking career, and he understands the value speaker sponsors bring to a conference. Sponsorship can be the difference between an average conference and one that is memorable for the participants. It is essential that both the sponsor and the meeting organizer benefits from the sponsorship. An industry conference is a time when sponsors have an opportunity to meet key people in an industry, a place where potential clients come to you. When you think about it, you would have to make a hundred sales calls to meet as many people as you can reach on one day at an industry conference.

With this in mind, Eddie works hard to ensure the organization that sponsors him as a speaker derives great benefit from the relationship. That benefit should be enjoyed before, during and after the event.

Before the event.

Video Commercials

Eddie will have a professional video commercial developed to help promote the event. This video can be positioned on the sponsor's site, the conference site and shared on social media. The video can include sponsor's logo and if desired can mention the sponsor in the video.

Social Media Coverage

Social media is an excellent way to promote the sponsorship of a speaker at a conference. Before an event, the sponsor can share the video commercial to create excitement about the session they are sponsoring at a conference.

At the Event.

If the sponsor request, they can have their logo included on the opening slide of Eddie's presentation. They sponsor can also be mentioned during the introduction and closing remarks.

Sponsor books for participants

If a sponsor would like to purchase Eddie's book to give to participants of the audience, each book will have a sticker placed on the inside cover thanking the sponsor for their kind gift of the book. Book sponsorship has been very successful because participants of a conference may not keep a business card they receive at the meeting, but they will always keep the book, think of it as a calling card.

After the event

At many of Eddie's presentations, participants have the option of follow-up online training material. Follow-up online training helps the audience participants retain more of the information they hear at the conference thus helping them implement change. At the sponsor's request, the sponsor can be thanked again for their participation at the meeting in the introductory email send to the participants of the online training.

We understand the commitment

Sponsoring a portion of a conference or meeting is a significant commitment, and there should be a substantial return on that investment. We know the importance of the sponsor's investment and work to ensure the sponsor is delighted with the value they receive.