Eddie LeMoine Safety Tip

Watch the above video to discover the #1 health and safety hazard facing society today.

Many experts believe “lack of focus” is the number one health and safety hazard facing society today. Employees who are engaged at work are five times less likely to have a safety related incident. In addition, a safety incident by an unengaged employee is six times more expensive.

We don’t have to go far to see the consequences. Twenty five to fifty percent of all automobile accidents are now caused by distractive driving, with driving while fatigued coming in at second place. Not only are the costs to our economy in the billions of dollars, the impact to workers and their families are very long lasting.

A “Focus on Safety” is a cultural shift. If an employee has an injury that prevents them from working there is a less than twenty percent chance it will happen at work and a more than eighty percent chance it will happen outside of work, yet the impact on the employee, their family and their work is still very significant.

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