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Unlock the full potential of your team with our Leadership and Employee Engagement Training services. At Eddie LeMoine Consulting, we specialize in delivering transformative workshops, keynote speeches, and online courses designed to enhance leadership skills and boost employee engagement across organizations.

Keynote Speaking:
Captivate Your Audience with Inspirational Insights

Eddie LeMoine, a renowned figure in the realm of public speaking, brings over two decades of experience to the stage as a keynote speaker. Recognized as one of Canada's top speakers and honoured with prestigious awards, Eddie has a rich history of delivering over 75 captivating keynotes annually. His expertise is not just in speaking but in creating an unforgettable experience. Each keynote is meticulously tailored to resonate with the specific audience, ensuring a lasting impact beyond the event. Working closely with clients, Eddie crafts customized presentations that are insightful, engaging, and memorable, leaving audiences with valuable takeaways that echo into the future. Partner with Eddie LeMoine for a keynote experience that transcends the ordinary and elevates your event to a remarkable journey of learning and inspiration.

Transform Your Event with Eddie LeMoine

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Training Programs:

Empower Your Team with Targeted Training

Group of diverse professionals engaged in a lively training session discussion

At Eddie LeMoine Consulting, we understand that each organization has unique training needs. That's why we offer customized training programs meticulously crafted to align with your goals and challenges. Whether it's an in-person workshop, an interactive virtual session, or a series of video training modules, our programs are designed to deliver maximum impact in a format that suits your team's requirements. Our training solutions cover various topics, including leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and productivity enhancement. Stay tuned to this section as we continue to update our offerings with new and innovative content to keep your team ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

In-Person Training: Engage, Inspire, and Transform

Structure and Approach:
"Our in-person training sessions are designed to foster a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Each session is structured to facilitate active participation, group discussions, and practical exercises. This hands-on approach ensures that concepts are understood and ready to be applied in real-world scenarios."


Enhanced Engagement: Face-to-face interaction creates a more personal and engaging learning experience.
Immediate Feedback: Direct interaction allows for immediate feedback and tailored responses to individual or group needs.
Stronger Team Cohesion: In-person settings foster a sense of community and collaboration among participants.
Focused Learning Environment: A dedicated space minimizes distractions and maximizes learning outcomes.

Key Topics:

Leadership Development: Explore the nuances of modern leadership, from decision-making to inspiring teams.
Employee Engagement: Learn strategies to boost morale, productivity, and commitment within your team.
Attraction and Retention: Discover how to attract top talent and create a workplace culture that encourages long-term retention.
Workplace Safety: Understand the principles of creating and maintaining a safe work environment.
Stress Management: Equip your team with tools to manage stress effectively, enhancing both personal well-being and work performance.
Motivation Techniques: Dive into motivational theories and practical techniques to energize and inspire your team.

Join us in our interactive in-person training sessions where learning meets practical application, and every participant leaves with actionable insights.

Self-Paced Online Training Programs

Welcome to our Self-Paced Online Training Programs, a flexible learning solution tailored to your busy schedule. Our comprehensive video training series and valuable handouts offer in-depth learning at your convenience. Accessible through our user-friendly learning center, these programs allow participants to engage with the content on their own time, ensuring a comfortable and efficient learning experience. Dive into various topics, from leadership principles to stress management, all designed to empower and inspire.

Benefits of Online Training:

Flexibility: Access training anytime, anywhere, fitting learning into your busy schedule.
Consistent Quality: Each video maintains a high standard of content and presentation, ensuring a reliable learning experience.
Variety of Topics: Cater to a wide range of interests and professional development needs.

Self-Paced Learning: Progress through the training at a pace that suits your personal learning style and needs.

Resource Accessibility: Supplemental handouts provide additional support and reinforcement of video content.
Effective Stress Management: Strategies to manage and reduce stress for personal and professional well-being.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Understanding and implementing DEI principles in the workplace.
Maximizing Employee Engagement: Techniques for creating a motivated and committed workforce.
Leadership in the Modern Workplace: Explore key leadership skills for today's dynamic business environment.
Safety Training: Essential safety practices for maintaining a secure work environment.

James Taylor from Regina & District Chamber of Commerce lauds Eddie LeMoine for his engaging keynote, noting its post-pandemic relevance and Eddie's captivating delivery that kept the audience enthralled. He highlights Eddie's effective blend of storytelling and informative content, expressing eagerness to attend any event featuring Eddie as a speaker.

James Taylor

Martina Sarro, TEC Canada: Martina lauds Eddie for his inspirational and motivational workshops, citing a personal and professional boost. She appreciates the actionable strategies and the positive energy Eddie brings to his sessions.

Martina Sarro

Josie Fries, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce: Eddie's presentation was a cornerstone of the event, offering attendees invaluable strategies for improvement. Josie mentions the exceptional feedback received, with attendees praising the practicality and engagement level of Eddie's session.

Josie Fries

Bruce Hayne, Boating BC Association: Bruce mentions the positive reception of Eddie's talk on employee attraction and retention, with members finding the content highly relevant and insightful. He notes the practical advice and strategies shared by Eddie.

Bruce Hayne

Allan Campbell, Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association: Allan appreciates Eddie's ability to captivate the audience with his engaging delivery and impactful content. He notes the extended interest and interaction sparked by Eddie's presentation, surpassing expectations.

Allan Campbell

Tom Pura, Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce: Tom commends Eddie for delivering a presentation that was both educational and entertaining, with a focus on key issues like recruitment and retention. He highlights the valuable insights gained from Eddie's expertise.

Tom Pura

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