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Are you ready for the newest shortage and price hike? It's not housing or lumber. The latest deficit will be human capital, which will be widespread and felt by every business sector. This labour shortage will make the old ways of attracting, retaining and inspiring obsolete. Employers will need to find new ways to attract employees, hang on to the ones they have and find ways to build capacity with their existing team. In addition, many employers will see the globe as their recruitment opportunities; you now will have to compete against your local competition for people along with places like New York, the UK, or Brazil. 

Eddie will help you understand today's employment challenges and how to be best prepared for a successful future.


How to change your future today! Based on Eddie's best-selling book of the same name

This topic is one of Eddie's most powerful presentations. He has presented to audience members worldwide at such prestigious conferences as "The Million Dollar Round Table" to "Vistage Chair World in San Diego."  In addition to these world stages, he has also presented to almost every industry you can imagine and always with the highest praise.  This presentation is packed with valuable ideas interwoven with inspiring anecdotes and accented with humour and emotion. Eddie's practical approach provides you with techniques you can use immediately in your work and personal life. 

“After 18 months of dealing with the challenges of a global pandemic, we were fortunate to be able to bring industry members together for our first in-person event. Our industry members were looking for renewed optimism and energy, and through his two-part presentation, “Journey to Engagement,” Eddie delivered both. His subject matter was well researched, and his enthusiastic style of delivery hit it out of the park. Thirty minutes after our scheduled end time, attendees were still lined up to ask questions. If you’re considering having Eddie speak to your organization or team….. just do it. Eddie is a pleasure to work with, and will leave your group wanting more!”

Allan Campbell

Provincial Director, Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association

Focus on Safety Today

Whether you are trying to reduce the number of near misses or prevent complacency within your team, this content-rich, motivating and entertaining session is perfect for your next conference or training session. In today's fast-paced world, "lack of focus" has become an epidemic. Whether you have a company of ten employees or hundreds of employees, "lack of focus" is the number one health and safety hazard facing society today. Employees who are "engaged at work" are five times less likely to have a safety-related incident. Besides, "a safety incident" by an unengaged employee is six times more expensive.

In this information-packed and inspirational session, participants will discover:

  • The impact engagement has on employee safety and the cost per incident.
  • The number one "Safety Risk" facing society today.
  • That making safety a 24/7 core value is the key to an injury-free workplace.
  • The benefit of a safe culture to the employee, their family and the workplace.
  • That, not all injuries that prevent you from working happen on the job.
  • The six steps to creating a safe culture.
  • The role each person plays in creating a safe environment.
  • How changing the way we think can change your entire future.

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