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Why Train?

No matter how you look at it, training is a value-added proposition. Employees value training opportunities, especially training in soft skills like communication and leadership. They enjoy the learning experience itself and they like to acquire strategies and tools to help them achieve balance and fulfillment in their work and personal lives. Employers reap the benefits of employees who are happier, more effective and who tend to stay in an organization where training is offered and learning is encouraged. Training and skills development is one of the eight criteria used to determine Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

A journey to Engagement ( Leading in Today's
Challenging Times)
Course Outline
Length of course in hours (25 Hours)

Are your top employees planning to quit? Do your employees care as much about their work as you do? Is your organization at a standstill? Anyone can lead an organization during the good times: it’s during the tough times that true leaders produce results. How will you lead to succeed?

In this training program, author and international speaker Eddie LeMoine offer a proven process for engaging the employees in your organization. He explores many critical issues, including employee attraction and retention, aging demographics and a multi-generational workforce. Topics range from understanding cultural, age and gender influences within the workplace to becoming an employer of choice. Eddie reveals strategies for managing workplace challenges—strategies that will lead to improved productivity, cost containment, capacity building, and increased profitability.

An engaged workforce is more productive and gives your organization a competitive advantage. Yet, statistics show that engaged employees make up only 25-30 percent of the workforce. The other 70-75 percent are disengaged employees who are 50 percent as productive as their engaged counterparts. Disengaged employees cost you money through abuse of time-off, misuse of sick leave and benefits, and the rise of a negative work environment that affects all employees. In contrast, productive, engaged employees create a high return on investment, and they want their leader and company to succeed.

The objective of this training program is to deliver content explicitly customized to the requirements of each organization we work with to provide training. The advanced training will focus on leading and engaging in today's challenging economic times.

Some of these critical areas of focus will be on creating and delivering content that;

  • Contains Experiential learning principles and applies real-world scenarios
  • Establishes and includes common language and toolkits
  • Supporting Senior Leadership in their involvement before, during and after the training has been completed.
  • Preparing and delivering content that can be accessed post program

The customized content will cover such areas as:

  • Program Management
  • Course Development for onsite instructor-led training along with pre-and-post online training.
  • Lead Facilitation planning and delivery
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Leadership Development
  • Logistics and Coordination
  • The customized content will cover such areas as
  • Increasing productivity and capacity through employee engagement Personal and professional development
  • Managing today's diverse workforce
  • Setting and achieving corporate targets
  • Aligning corporate and personal goals
  • Leveraging the strengths of each employee
  • Understanding today's labor market and attracting and retaining skilled employees.

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Why choose Eddie LeMoine?

Eddie LeMoine brings his award-winning presentation skills to the training arena. His unique style and down-to-earth practical perspectives make his training sessions both enjoyable and valuable. Core training focuses on employee leadership development and brings to bear Eddie’s understanding of the challenges facing employers in the following sectors:

  • Corporations
  • Associations
  • Financial services
  • Public sector

The Eddie LeMoine approach to training development

Assessment phase

working with the principal stakeholders to set clear course objectives and identify desired outcomes as well as solidifying the requirements for each training program

Architecture phase

developing a precise, detailed plan for rollout of the training program including.  course content (handouts) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Execution phase

providing training sessions with a combination of online, live and follow-up activities that enable participants to journey through an experiential training plan (experiential learning:  learning through experiencing an activity or task and then reflecting upon that experience as a way to stimulate new perspectives, skills and concepts)

Support phase

offering online training and support tools so that participants will have access to helpful, reinforcing documentation for months after the training is complete

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