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    A Journey to Safety, Focus on Safety Today!

    Whether you are trying to reduce the amount of near misses or prevent complacency within your team, this content-rich, motivating and entertaining session is perfect for your next conference or training session. In today’s fast-paced world, “lack of focus” has become an epidemic. Many experts believe “lack of focus” is the number one health and safety hazard facing society today. Employees who are engaged at work are five times less likely to have a safety-related incident. In addition, a safety incident by an unengaged employee is six times more expensive.

    We don’t have to go far to see the consequences. Statistics show that 25 to 50 percent of all automobile accidents are caused, firstly, by distracted driving and, secondly, by driving while fatigued. Not only are the costs to our economy in the billions of dollars, but also the impact on workers and their families is long lasting.

    “Focus on Safety” will encourage a cultural shift. Eddie will help participants understand the value of attention to safety 24/7. If an employee has an injury that prevents him or her from working, there is a less than a 20 percent chance it will happen at work and an 80 percent chance it will happen outside work; yet, the impact on the employee, his or her family and work is significant. This session will benefit all employees, from front line to management.

    In this information-packed and inspirational session, participants will learn:

  • the impact engagement has on employee safety and the cost per incident
  • the number one safety hazard facing society today
  • that making safety a 24/7 core value is key
  • the benefit of a safe culture to employees, their families and the workplace
  • where the injuries occur that prevent you from showing up at work tomorrow
  • the steps to creating a safer culture
  • the role each person plays in creating a safe environment
  • how changing the way you think can change your entire future

    To learn more about encountering engagement and to change your work place dynamics, call us toll free at 866-407-7325. For sales inquiries or to contact Eddie, Email: Eddie



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