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How to Transform your Sales Team and Harness Passionate Productivity

Have you run out of ways to increase your sales results? Do you feel others are passing you by and experiencing the success you have always wanted? Do you realize that studies show top performing sales reps do not work more hours or have more product knowledge, or more strategic sales ability. What do they know that you don’t? What do these sales champions have in common?


Eddie LeMoine draws upon his personal experience as a senior sales leader, the principles of his best-selling book Bring About What You Think About and the tools he developed for his Journey to Engagement workshop to create a practical process that you can employ to enhance your sales results. During the course of his career, Eddie has shared his techniques with sales teams who have sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of product and services. He has spoken to and inspired thousands of sales people from hundreds of businesses from around the world.

One objective of this presentation is to recognize the attributes of successful sale professionals who:

  • Belief they can achieve their numbers
  • Are confident in their abilities
  • Understand the connection between their targets and their personal goal
  • Align their personal goals with that of their company’s objectives
  • Engage in the selling process
  • Have a clear vision of the outcome and focus on the outcome
  • Use the knowledge and skills they already have to exceed their targets

Another objective is to share with you the universal strategies employed by sales champions. You can use them to help you reach new levels of excellence in your career.

Key topics

  • Change the way you think to create a mindset focused on exceeding your target.
  • Match your emotions with your targets to create maximum sales efficiency.
  • Craft your targets and goals to create the action you need to get results.
  • Overcome the five pitfalls that hold most sales people back from achieving their targets.

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“Eddie is a talented and sincere person who can truly speak to any level of audience with his disarming and infectious personality. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who mixes laughter with information to create an impressive and memorable presentation that stays with attendees long after they’ve gone home. If you have not had the opportunity to see Eddie you owe it to yourself and to your organization to bring him in to inspire and motivate your team. You will not be disappointed.” - See more at

Nelson Goulart Vice President of Network Services
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