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Discover the transformative power of engagement at your next  event with Eddie LeMoine, a celebrated Canadian speaker renowned for inspiring change and fostering growth. Specializing in key issues facing today's associations—from navigating post-COVID challenges to enhancing member engagement—Eddie's dynamic presentations deliver actionable insights and strategies tailored to your unique audience. Let's embark on a journey to unlock potential, drive innovation, and create lasting impact together.

Eddie LeMoine - Helping You Navigate Business Challenges with Inspiration and Insight

Eddie's approach is highly customizable and designed to resonate with the specific needs of your Association members. Whether it's a day packed with insightful sessions or a powerful combination of inspiration followed by actionable strategies, Eddie's presentations are tailored to uplift, inspire, and equip your members for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Dynamic Topics Tailored for Today's Business Environment

Eddie brings a wealth of topics specifically curated for association audiences. From tackling the persistent skills shortage—a phenomenon he has been predicting since 2005—to exploring innovative ways to attract and retain talent, his sessions are enlightening and actionable. Eddie delves into the labour market's current state, why employees choose to stay or leave, and strategic ways to enhance organizational capacity through engagement and technology integration.

Eddie LeMoine standing in front of a conference audience, discussing business trends of 2024.

Inspiration Meets Practicality

In addition to his expertise in demographics, employee engagement, and technological adaptation, Eddie is the bestselling author of "Bring About What You Think About", a book that has touched lives worldwide. His sessions often combine inspirational elements with practical advice, providing a holistic approach to business leadership and personal growth.

“After 18 months of dealing with the challenges of a global pandemic we were fortunate to be able to bring industry members together for our first in-person event. Our industry members were looking for renewed optimism and energy, and through his two-part presentation, “Journery to Engagement” Eddie delivered both. His subject matter was well researched, and his enthusiastic style of delivery hit it out of the park. Thirty minutes after our scheduled end time, attendees were still lined up to ask questions. If you’re considering having Eddie speak to your organization or team….. just do it. Eddie is a pleasure to work with in the lead up, and will leave your group wanting more!”""

Allan Campbell Provincial Director

Thank you SO MUCH for your terrific presentation at the Boating BC Conference last week. It was a subject that we could have spent the whole day on. I really appreciate the fact that you spent the time in the room the whole day to get a sense of our members and the “vibe” of the room. Your talk was so on point and well received by our members.

Just a quick look at the survey so far (not completed)
92% rated you talk good-excellent with 6% responding they missed the session
A few Comments:

This was the best content and most relevant. We could have done a full day on this content. It affects everyone at every level.Great insights, very useful information, and well explained."

Bruce Hayne Executive Director

"Eddie’s recent presentation at the Saskatchewan Chamber’s PowerUp Summit in Saskatoon was nothing short of exceptional! His blend of engaging storytelling and practical strategies provided invaluable guidance and truly left an impact on our attendees.

His presentation was backed by timely and relevant data that told an important story about our labour market. Our post-event surveys are flooded with glowing reviews highlighting Eddie’s ability to deliver useful information in a captivating (and humorous!) way. It was absolutely wonderful having Eddie join us for this event, and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch speaker for their event!"

Josie Fries, MBA Director of Marketing and Events.

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Are you ready to elevate your  events to new heights? Join forces with Eddie LeMoine, an award-winning Canadian author, speaker, and trainer, and discover innovative ways to inspire and engage your members.

Why Eddie LeMoine?

A professional woman pointing to a list of reasons to choose Eddie LeMoine for Chamber of Commerce events, highlighting his expertise, customized events, cost-effectiveness, and local connection.
Expertise: With over four decades of experience, Eddie brings unparalleled insights into business success, leadership, and employee engagement.
Inclusive Leadership: Building an environment where everyone feels valued..
Proven Impact: With a track record of inspiring tens of thousands at  conferences, Eddie's insights lead to real change.
Engaging Delivery: Known for captivating storytelling, Eddie connects deeply with his audience, turning insights into action.
Customized Events: Interactive sessions tailored to fit your groups unique needs.
Local Connection: Eddie's dedication to Canada's business environment is unparalleled. As a proud Canadian and an active member of the Chambers of Commerce, he deeply values and actively contributes to the local business community.

Take the opportunity to collaborate with Eddie LeMoine for an event that's not just an engagement but a transformation.  

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