Back to School (Work)

1. Start your day off right by being well rested and with a good breakfast.Eddie LeMoine rest needed
On your first day back it is a great idea to get plenty of sleep the night before. You should get up early and have a great healthy breakfast. I would also suggest trying to get into a more normal sleep routine a few days before your first day of work.

2. Arrive early to allow for some personal time.
Arrive early to help you get yourself organized at work. It is good to get there before the office is in full swing. This will also help reduce the stress of fighting traffic and worrying about being on time.

Eddie LeMoine meeting friends
3. Spend time with your coworkers.
Spend some time with your coworkers and ask them about their holidays also do not feel bad about sharing the events of your holidays. You work hard and you deserve the break so enjoy reminiscing and chatting about the good times you had.

5. Plan your week in advance.Eddie LeMoine to do
It is a good idea to plan your week in advance. Personally, I often plan major things I want to accomplish each Sunday before the week begins. By planning in advance you help keep yourself on track and away from the distractions that will arise upon your return from holidays.

6. Start with the small stuff first. Purge your email of all items you do not need to read.Eddie LeMoine what now
Start with the small things first because it is important to get some accomplishments under your belt. Go through your emails and purge all of the emails that you do not need to deal with. Once you have accomplished this categorize your emails and deal with the most important ones first.

7. Consider leaving early on your first day and/or start your week late to shorten your first week back.Leaving
On your first day back to work consider leaving early. If you started the day early you may want to leave early as well. Another strategy is to start your week later maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday so your first week back is shorter.

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