Competition is moving from, “competition for customers” to “competition for employees”. Due to aging demographics much of Canada is faced with a shrinking skilled workforce. Organizations that are able to attract and retain an engaged workforce will also win the battle of retaining customers.

This month’s key to engagement is communication. When building a communication strategy or simply talking among your employees always consider these three critical factors: (1) Gender (2) Culture (3) Age

Over the last year I have delivered keynotes to thousands of people from around the world. We find ourselves at a unique time; our workforce now consists of evenly matched gender, many organizations employing up to five generations and a multi-cultural environment is the new norm. It stands to reason that communication strategies of the recent past will not work in today’s environment. When communicating within your organization, be mindful of the following:

·Is my method of communication effective to all age groups?
·Is the content of the communication being understood across cultures?
·Is there gender bias in our style of communicating?

Being aware of communication in your organization is the first step to improving it. Communicating effectively is the first step on your road to improved engagement. Good luck on your “ Journey to Engagement”.

From the Feb 2013 issue of “Inspire”

Eddie LeMoine
International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert
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