Eddie LeMoine 2024 FSAC Summit keynote speaker

Check out the above video as Eddie talks about his upcoming speech and shares the insights and inspiration you can expect at the summit.


2024 presents a pivotal moment for Canadian businesses. As we navigate beyond the challenges of the recent past, including the pandemic's lingering effects on revenue and the escalating costs and interest rates, one factor remains constant—the critical skills shortage threatening our industries.

Eddie LeMoine, a distinguished Canadian author, speaker, and trainer, has been at the forefront, addressing these challenges head-on. With a speaking history rich in diversity, covering every corner of the country and industries far and wide, Eddie's insights are not just theoretical but grounded in real-world Canadian business experience.

Eddie LeMoine - Helping You Navigate Business Challenges with Inspiration and Insight

Eddie LeMoine is one of the keynote speakers at the FSAC 2024 Summit in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As renowned talent management and employee engagement authority, Eddie is set to deliver a captivating and transformative keynote on 'Attracting and Retaining a Skilled Workforce' in the death care profession.

The death care industry is facing unprecedented global challenges. The FSAC 2024 Summit provides a unique platform for industry leaders to navigate these turbulent times, and Eddie LeMoine is at the forefront of this journey. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the sector's evolving dynamics, Eddie's session will be electrifying.

This June, join Eddie at the FSAC 2024 Summit for a keynote experience that promises to enlighten and inspire actionable change. Discover innovative strategies and leadership skills essential for thriving in today's ever-evolving death care landscape.

Eddie LeMoine standing in front of a conference audience, discussing business trends of 2024.

Are you attending the FSAC National Conference in Winnipeg? Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with Eddie LeMoine in person. Look him up and engage with a leading voice in the industry. This is your chance to be part of a riveting journey towards innovation and success in the funeral services sector.

Don't let this chance slip away! The future of funeral services is unfolding at the FSAC 2024 Summit, and your path to success begins with Eddie LeMoine's keynote.

"To anyone who has heard of Eddie LaMoine and is considering having him speak to their organization....you should read this.

I had been in charge of a large conference for an Alberta organization for nine years. It is difficult finding speakers who are relevant and able to create their presentation to meet the needs of the group they are speaking to. I had the privilege of speaking with Eddie directly and interviewing him to identify if he would be able to speak on topics that were specific to our profession. I knew within a short time that I was onto something. Eddie not only delivered a well-researched presentation but he was able to create an atmosphere of sincerity that made him very relatable. Our company, who was in attendance, was so impressed that we hired him to meet with a group of professionals to do a workshop. Eddie's presentation, openness, and relaxed demeanor allowed those in attendance the confidence to speak up and participate willingly. The tools and information Eddie delivered are being used and referred to regularly as we now tackle situations and concerns in our profession. I cannot say thank you enough to Eddie and his wife for their energy and support...""

Sheila Bartsch Conference and Event Coordinator 

"Eddie had everyone entertained and engaged for a full 3hrs! With an audience ranging from 30 – 70 years of age this is not an easy task.He is an excellent speaker with solid content and he provided fabulous takeaways. Our office continues to received many raving emails about how much they enjoyed his presentation.Thank you Eddie, I hope we can work together again in the future."

Rob Wintonyk, Past President

Why Eddie LeMoine?

A professional woman pointing to a list of reasons to choose Eddie LeMoine for Chamber of Commerce events, highlighting his expertise, customized events, cost-effectiveness, and local connection.
Expertise: With over four decades of experience, Eddie brings unparalleled insights into business success, leadership, and employee engagement.
Customized Events: Interactive sessions tailored to fit your unique needs.
Local Connection: Eddie's dedication to Canada's business environment is unparalleled. As a proud Canadian,  he deeply values and actively contributes to the local business community.

Take the opportunity to collaborate with Eddie LeMoine for an event that's not just an engagement but a transformation.  

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