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Eddie LeMoine: 

Canada's Leading Keynote Speaker for Inspirational Change

Are you seeking an exceptional keynote speaker who can captivate your audience and inspire positive change? Look no further! Eddie LeMoine, a leading Canadian professional speaker, is here to bring about a transformation in your upcoming events. With his engaging style and profound insights, Eddie has been delivering powerful keynotes and corporate presentations since 2005, impacting the lives of individuals and organizations across Canada.

Eddie's exceptional speaking skills and industry expertise have garnered numerous accolades, including the esteemed Canadian Speaker of the Year award from Vistage Canada. His engagements consistently receive outstanding scores of 9 and 10 out of 10, and he has received many standing ovations from delighted audiences.

But what truly sets Eddie apart? His authenticity. Eddie genuinely cares about changing people's lives and encouraging them to become their best versions. With a mission to help individuals and organizations thrive, Eddie and his team work closely with employees and leaders to create a more engaged work environment, resulting in improved work-life balance and a more productive workforce.

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Human resource managers, meeting planners, and senior executives have all entrusted Eddie LeMoine to deliver exceptional results. It's time for you to experience the transformative power of Eddie's presentations. Don't miss this opportunity to bring Eddie's dynamic and engaging speaking style to your event.

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Over the past eighteen months, here are Eddie's most popular topics:

As one of Canada's most sought-after speakers on employee attraction and retention, Eddie understands the current labour market in Canada and the US. He explains why employees join, stay, and leave their jobs, equipping organizations with actionable strategies to create a more engaged workforce. Eddie helps companies achieve higher productivity and employee satisfaction by fostering a fulfillment and work-life balance culture. Read more 

Based on his best-selling book, Eddie's first topic is an uplifting and inspirational message that empowers individuals to achieve more in both their personal and professional lives. By sharing powerful stories and practical strategies, Eddie helps attendees unleash their true potential and cultivate a mindset for success. Read more ...


Eddie LeMoine's electrifying presentations have repeatedly captivated our executives and project managers. Eddie's versatile toolkit caters to diverse audiences, keeping us engrossed with an array of fascinating topics. His natural charisma instantly engages the room, ensuring an entertaining and insightful experience. His presence is so impactful that we eagerly anticipate inviting him back.

Frank Pepers / Vice President HEAD OFFICE


"Eddie's captivating charisma and exceptional talent resonate with any audience. His presentations blend humour and insightful information, leaving a lasting impact. Don't miss the chance to elevate your team's motivation with Eddie's infectious energy and transformative sessions - he's an investment that will never disappoint."

Nelson Goulart President at Mississauga Real Estate Board


"After enduring the challenges of an 18-month-long pandemic, we were able to host our first physical event, seeking renewed optimism. Eddie, through his thoroughly-researched and enthusiastically delivered two-part presentation, "Journey to Engagement," invigorated our industry members. He engaged attendees beyond our scheduled end time, affirming that if you're considering having him speak at your event, go for it. Working with Eddie is delightful, and he leaves audiences wanting more."

Allan Campbell Provincial Director, 

In addition to his expertise and authentic delivery, Eddie offers unique selling points that make him an ideal choice for your event:

Unparalleled Insights: Eddie's extensive experience speaking on the ever-evolving trends such as the skills shortages allows him to provide valuable, up-to-date information that impacts every industry and corner of the country.
Multigenerational Communication: With a solid grasp of communicating with five generations in the workplace, Eddie bridges the gap between different age groups and fosters harmonious collaboration.
DEI Advocacy: Eddie emphasizes the importance and impact of a strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program, helping organizations foster an inclusive culture that attracts and retains top talent.
Marketing Support: To ensure your event's success, Eddie and his team provide assistance with marketing efforts and even offer marketing tools such as video commercials to help you effectively promote his speeches.

Eddie LeMoine goes above and beyond to ensure the success of your event. His team provides comprehensive marketing support, including video commercials and promotional materials, to help you maximize the impact of his speeches. With Eddie as your keynote speaker, you can rest assured that your event will be engaging, memorable, and yield remarkable results.

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