In partnership with The Far North East Training Board, the Northeastern Ontario Chambers present:

The Essence of Resilient Leadership:
Thriving After COVID-19.

Oct 20, 2020,
10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The Essence of Resilient Leadership: Thriving After COVID-19

There has never been a time when resilience has been more critical to ensure our businesses bounce back from the setbacks and challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Both leaders and employees will need to discover ways to become engaged in a work environment that looks very different this year than last. We must learn to communicate and engage employees and customers that may not be in our physical locations. Learn new ways to deliver products and services and find methods to increase capacity, productivity, and profitability. 

If the Pandemic is not enough of a challenge, we will see 8,000 Canadians a week retire as more of the baby boomer cohort leave the workforce. As businesses reopen, we will start to feel the effects of a shrinking workforce and skills shortage. This shortage will grow the need to attract new talent and retain the staff we have.

Join Eddie LeMoine for an informative presentation and discover ways to thrive as you recover from the Pandemic. Many businesses in Canada will not survive this economic hit, but many will thrive and grow. Be part of the group that thrives. 

Eddie LeMoine is in tune with the reality of today's workplace and understands its challenges. His ideas will show you how to buck the low-engagement trend. You will learn how to inspire your team to new engagement levels so that they:

  • deliver higher levels of customer service, 
  • work better as a team 
  • recommend your organization as a great place to work and do business.

What You'll Learn In This Free Presentation

In this presentation, you will discover:

The importance of the right mindset for a successful comeback
The role your emotions play of the success of your business
How to stand out as an employer of choice.
The trends in the Canadian workplace and the impact they have on employee attraction and retention
The reasons why employees join, stay and leave their jobs
How to communicate across five generations
Why attracting a younger worker is essential in this new virtual work environment.
How to build a resilient and engaged workforce
The importance of team building
How to increase productivity while reducing cost

Oct 20, 2020,
10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

"Eddie's wit, humour and story-telling made his presentation come to life! Coupled with a broad knowledge base and real-life examples, Eddie left our organization attendees with a revitalized enthusiasm to put new concepts and tools into practice. Very inspiring!"

Jana D. Erichson,

Human Resource Manager Red Deer County, AB

"Not only is Eddie's knowledge and up-to-date content impressive, but the enthusiasm and personable approach in his delivery is exceptionally engaging. He brings his expertise to life and delivers his well thought out content so the audience can easily process and learn. "

Kristen Steeves, CPA, CGA Senior Manager, Operations

CPA New Brunswick

"Eddie is more than a highly-skilled, accomplished speaker and bestselling author... He is also a humble, motivating, inspiring and a breath of fresh air! Eddie frequently delivers workshops for us at TEC Canada, but I recently got to sit in on his workshop. WOW! To say I was blown away is an understatement. Eddie has inspired me to have a more positive outlook on my life, which will allow me to become the best version of myself."

Martina Sarro Business Development Specialist at TEC Canada | Global Leader in CEO Advisory & Executive Coaching

Online follow-up training!

To help you get the most from the session, each participant will have access to Eddie's online leadership training program. This comprehensive leadership program will help you navigate today's leadership challenges. It includes a series of instructional videos and professionally created course material. This program sells for $299, but each participant will receive this training at no charge.

About Eddie 

Eddie LeMoine is a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer. He specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. Through his inspiring stories, infectious sense of humour and genuine care for people, Eddie easily connects with—and motivates—audiences worldwide. Eddie's unprecedented success is due to his powerful ability to close the gap between business results and personal development. He inspires greatness in corporations by inspiring excellence in individuals.

Eddie LeMoine has managed multi-generational teams to achieve outstanding results. Eddie's real-world experience has helped him evolve into a captivating keynote speaker. He can deliver at all levels throughout an organization from the corner office to the plant floor. Eddie equips workers with the foundational capabilities they need to be effective in today's world.

Eddie has an uncanny ability to read his audience and connect with them, whether they are laughing or crying. He has touched the hearts and minds of people around the globe. His audiences represent 83 countries, and his speeches have been translated into several languages.

With innovation and creativity, Eddie moves people toward brilliance—and the results are immediate. His keynotes and seminars, rich with content, leave audience members energized and with the tools they need to implement change in their work and personal lives.

Oct 20, 2020,
10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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